Blogging Top Design: Episode 1

Blogging Top Design: Episode 1

Okay first let me say that I usually don't voice my opinion that much on this site as an editor, but I now think its time I say a little something about the other nights episode of Top Design.

I had similiar comments as Aaron from AT-NY, but being from LA and being a designer here locally I was SO INCREDIBLY DISSAPOINTED in the show. Back in August of 2006 I was asked personally from the casting department to audition for the show and at the time I was opening my showroom, so it was certainly a conflict but I did it anyway. Looking back I am glad things worked out they way did they did.

Regarding Wednesdays episode, when given the opportunity to shop within the PDC with a $50,000 budget and given the "objects" from a client, wouldn't you seriously go on a major shopping spree and really think about what the client is looking for? Don't you think its odd but not one decorator (sorry I cannot say designer just yet) said where each item would be placed in the room.

I LOVED the items, but in no way did those objects reflect the rooms at all. I don't think anyone listened to the client, which is YOUR job as a designer.

And wasn't that the challenge?

I also found it obvious that they had no idea what to do with all that money. They had carpenters and seamstresses to "help" them along the way. Can someone please tell me when did wenge furniture and lime green walls come back into style or should I ask when did it ever. And why in the world did the first challenge involve the PDC and a huge budget! Give me Wal-Mart or Kmart and create a dynamic room on $300bucks! Remember when on Top Chef they sent them to a convenient store to make a gourmet meal, now that is a challenge!

Margaret was fab, and her litter box comment was right on.
Kelly was very quiet, I really do hope she shares her opinions more.
And as for Mr. Adler, I could not agree with him more, and wondered why the heck he didn't host the show. His personality is wonderful and perfectly honest.

Lets hope the next episode steps it up in terms of design.

What did you guys think of show? We would love for you to share your comments!

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