Top Techorating Tips to Improve Your Move

Top Techorating Tips to Improve Your Move

Aug 19, 2014
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Summer moving season is in full swing, and coming up with a new techorating scheme (yup, techorating = tech + decorating) might be the last thing on your mind during a busy move. But since you’re already switching service contracts and working with a brand new space, moving is actually the perfect time to upgrade your equipment, invest in faster service, and put a new techoration plan into place. Plus, a few small changes can add up to big utility savings in the long run. To make it easy on stressed-out movers, we’ve rounded up our top techorating tips to improve your move.

The idea of techorating—making sure home technology and home décor play nice together—has been around at least since interior designer Doug Wilson coined the term back in 2008. With today’s newest gadgets, there are more options than ever before to help you save time, energy, and money while keeping your home both functional and beautiful.

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Upgrade your move! Get inspired with these techoration ideas from around the Web, and check out our top techorating tips below.

Tip #1: Don't automatically choose the biggest TV

Size matters when it comes to HDTVs. Luckily, picking the perfect set is simple when you take room size and viewing distance into account. Take a minute to calculate ideal resolution and screen size based on your room dimensions and viewing distance. You might discover it’s NOT worth shelling out extra cash for more pixels.

Tip #2: Put the "Smart" in SmartPhone

Do you enjoy paying that land line bill every month? Didn’t think so. Get by on a cell phone alone with a network extender. By amplifying cell signals, it’s like having a mini cell tower to improve cell reception at home and prevent dropped calls. If you're really attached to your retro handset, select a service like Verizon Home Connect that lets you transfer your land line number and connect your existing home phone to a wireless network for about $10/month.

Tip #3: Be a Control Freak

Smart devices like Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, outlets, and light bulbs allow you to control nearly all aspects of your home energy use from your mobile device and can program your home to be more energy efficient. Most will pay for themselves through energy savings alone, and the cool factor of being able to program a home lighting scheme based on your favorite vacation photos is pretty much priceless.

Tip #4: Take Your Media Mobile

Armed with a wireless speaker, HD mobile device, and a zippy connection, there’s little stopping you from setting up a mobile theater in any room of the house. Since running out of juice halfway through episode 26 of Orange is the New Black is not an option, please remember to plan charging stations throughout the house accordingly.

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