Top Ten: Greener Laundry Ideas

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Laundry Room (or -mat) is a perfect place to go green without really feeling a big pinch. Many of the things we do automatically can be easily greened up – by simply setting the machine to cool, trying a new laundry product, waiting until the hamper is really full…

  • Use cooler water – washing in warm and rinsing in cold saves energy (and really works well!)
  • Wash when necessary, not automatically – if it’s ok to wear once more before a wash, don’t just toss it in the hamper
  • Do fewer loads – one big load uses less energy than 2 small loads
  • Line dry whenever possible
  • Tumble dry partway and then hang it up – more air dry time means less ironing
  • Natural fabric softener: 1/2 cup bakng soda in the rinse cycle
  • Natural whitener: soak clothes overnight in one part hydrogen peroxide to 8 parts cold water then wash normally
  • Try a non-chlorine bleach such as Ecover or Mrs. Meyers
  • Lose the petrochemical based detergent! Go biodegradable and get rid of all the plastic packaging with Seventh Generation powdered or Restore in-store refillable liquid
  • When the time comes to replace your washer, consider a front-loader which uses less water and power.
  • Got any tips to add to the list? Please let us know in the comments below…

    (Photo: The Cyclean Pedal Powered Washing Machine)