Top Ten: Display Bookcases

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s come to our attention that a number of you are interested in display bookcases, so…we thought we’d use our Top Ten to do a little hunting. Actually- if you look beyond the traditional sources, there’s quite a bit out there.

Pottery Barn Schoolhouse Bookrack: With a spot for labels.

Canvas Book Display: Natural wood and canvas at a very affordable price.

Big Book 4 sided Library with Casters: Heavy duty, with casters, and a small footprint.

Arch Toddler Book Browser: We love the arches on this one- perfect for little toddler hands.

Children’s Universal Big Book Display:Traditional books on one side, big books hang on the other.

2 sided Kids Book Display with Casters: Use it as a room divider.

Five-shelf Wall Mount Book Display: Save space by hanging it on the wall- clear plexiglass holders.

Tot Mate’s 3′ High Book Stand: Comes in five different colors.

Toddler Pick-a-Book Stand: Just the right size and price- plus a Write-n-Wipe back.

Toddler No Climb Book Display: They’ll be able to reach all their books without reaching far.