Top Ten: Computer Energy Saving Tips

Top Ten: Computer Energy Saving Tips

Nov 7, 2007

Via the ever-resourceful Lifehacker comes a list of the top ten things you can do to save energy related to your computer, which is a huge power hog, and therefore also not environmentally friendly because of the pollution from the electricity to run it. But you knew that. On to the tips!

Shut it down: when you're not using it, turn it off so it uses the least amount of energy of any possible setting, other than unplugged.
Spin down your hard drive: let it sleep when it's not in use, which also prolongs its life.
Unplug energy vampires: unplug any chargers, e.g. your cell phone or iPod chargers, when charging is done.
Enable energy savers: use your computers settings to optimize energy savings
Get a smart power switch Treehugger recommends the one we've pictured here, the Mini Power Minder.

Kill unnecessary processes: is your computer constantly searching for peripherals even when they're not plugged in?
Turn off peripherals: turn off printers and scanners when not in use.
Consolidate and virtualize computers: If you're running multiple computers on multiple operating systems, you only need 1 computer to do that now.
Dim your screen: Set it to go dim when it's not in use, as your monitor is one of the biggest energy-hogging pieces in your set up.
Upgrade. Newer models are more energy efficient, so consider an investment in saving money on your electric bills if it's getting to be time to replace your old gear.

Thanks to Lifehacker for these 10 suggestions and the picture of the Mini Power Minder!

(Re-edited from a post originally published 07.13.07)

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