Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Kelly

Top Ten: Holiday Gift Ideas from AT:HT Editor Kelly

Nov 20, 2007

Watch for Ryan's list tomorrow at noon and take a look at Kate's list from yesterday.

Technology can be thoughtful. A prepackaged box with instructions to follow, doesn't always conjure up thoughts of a warm and well-chosen gift. Here's my take on the holiday top ten, where I set out to prove that a gadget gift can be fun and fitting.

For Your Tech-Challenged Parent
Moms like to take photos, but they don't always understand the workings of a digital camera. Find Mom an easy to use camera that won't keep her guessing. For bonus points, add in an Eye-Fi so she won't have to keep calling you to ask how to get the photos off the camera. And if you're really patient, take a few hours with her and teach her how to use Flickr.

For Your Dad That Loves to Talk Help Dad embrace the Internet age and learn how to call you for free. Give the gift of a Skype phone or a bluetooth headset and a crash course in VoIP. If he's not keen on the idea of talking with the computer, ease him into it with a Skype-enabled phone.

For Your Cooler, Hipper Younger Brother Play it safe and get him a gaming system, even if he is 45. No man can resist the charms of Nintendo, we'd get out there and get a Wii or the portable DS Lite. Just make sure you get to play along.

For Your Sister with Her First Apartment Help her learn the essential skill of throwing a good dinner party, good music. Hook her up with an Airport Express and she'll be streaming her favorite music, all while wining and dining. Throw in a couple of your favorite CDs (or gift the songs from iTunes) and that recipe for a killer cocktail.

For the Love of Your Life You spend most of your time with them (we hope), and have lots of fun, don't you want to document those moments and torture your grandchildren with endless photos? It's hard to take a bad picture with a digital SLR, so splurge and get one for your sweetie. And if they don't know a lens cap from an f-stop, throw in some photography lessons at the local arts center.

For The Young At Heart Who can resist a silly rabbit who can send you love notes, read you stock quotes, and wiggle its ears. Doesn't everyone want a Nabaztag?

(Thanks for your photos, SpacePotato, angelinawb, pietel, kokeshi, foundphotoslj, and Tinker*Tailor.)

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