Top Ten: Pet Peeves

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What peeves you about rooming with an animal?

For starters, sometimes you can’t even find a place that will allow your pets to be your roommates in the first place. So we were excited to read that the SF Animal Control and Welfare Commission is considering a proposal to grant property owners a 5% tax credit for allowing dogs and cats.

If it passes (this and the other hoops), it would mitigate the top item on the pet peeves list that follows.

As always, this is a starter list. Jump right in!

• the apartment of your dreams does not allow pets
• no place to hide the smelly or ugly litterbox
• no place to hide the big ugly dog crate
• the cat pee smell…deep in the carpet or upholstery
• the cat/dog drinks from the sink/toilet
• animal hair…everywhere

Image from phlora