Top Ten: Telephone Numbers to Have On Hand

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether you have a landline, a VoIP phone, or a cell phone, we have a top ten list of numbers to have very handy–including programmed into your phone if it’s a cell.

What’s not on the list that should be? Let us know in the comments!

• Local police and fire numbers – in case it’s not a 911-worthy emergency, or 911 goes down.
• Poison Control – 800/222.1222; routes you to a nearby source of help

• ICE – “In case of emergency,” contact this loved one; whether or not it’ll be used is unclear, but it’s definitely better safe than sorry
• Local Hospital – If your loved one isn’t home when they said they’d be, this number is easier to have on hand then try to look up
• Doctor – and maybe your insurance approval # if they require pre-authorization before you can be treated
• Car Insurance Carrier/Broker – And other car related numbers, if you have one, like a tow truck company or your local AAA dispatch if you are a member
• Taxi Service – Because you might have had too many to drink, or find yourself some place you don’t want to walk (maybe because your car broke down)
• Pizza/Chinese/All-Night Delivery Source – Always important to have on hand
• Next Door Neighbor – You never know when you need someone to be looking out for you
• Free 411 Number – 1-800-GOOG-411, or 1-800-free-411

Other ideas:
• # of a Lock Smith (in case your neighbor isn’t around to let you in)
• Credit Card contact telephone, in case it goes missing
• Landlord’s number, especially for emergencies like water leaks
• Local Weather

– Ant’s Phone image by Spencer E. Holtaway.