Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else

Marissa Cox
Mar 18, 2016
(Image credit: Celeste Sunderland)

It’s no secret that Paris apartments can be pretty tiny. In fact, the City of Lights was recently voted the world’s second most expensive city (right behind Singapore), so space is certainly at a pricy premium. This is something I know all too well, as I am currently on the hunt for a flat here. So, here are a few of my top tips for maximizing space — whether you live in Paris, or anywhere else.

(Image credit: Cooking Channel TV)

1. Never say never: know that you'll find a way to make it work. You can do like British chef Rachel Khoo, shown above, who made a name for herself cooking out of her tiny Paris kitchen. She created makeshift work surfaces to make her small space work for her. As you can see in the photo, all of her utensils are hanging from a pole attached to the wall or are stored in hanging jars, both things that can be picked up for next to nothing from IKEA. And she's even cooking off a portable stove which she can store away when she needs the work surface.

2. Consider a foldaway bed. Go for a convertible sofa that doubles up as a bed. Blow-up beds are also good alternatives as they are surprisingly comfy now, protentially even more so than a sofa bed which as we all know can be a bit lumpy, depending on the quality of the mattress.

3. Multi-function is your friend. Of course, not everyone has the cash for a remodel, or access to an architect, like the residents of the tiny apartment in the image above, but you get the idea. Make your as many of your pieces multi-functional as possible.

(Image credit: Marissa Cox)

4. Seek out spots to turn into storage space. You can never have enough. So stash your stuff away in cupboards, like in this apartment located on the left bank. The owner had the cupboards specially made to fit into the alcove.

(Image credit: Marissa Cox)

You can even get a cupboard made to store your bed. There's a bed behind that mirror.

5. Minimize clutter. Maximalists might have a tough time living in Paris, as you just won't be able to house all of your things. I’m not saying don’t go scouring flea markets for finds — just be selective.

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