Toshiba Cans 3D Glasses Once and for All

Toshiba Cans 3D Glasses Once and for All

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 25, 2010

Despite all the hubbub and a strong marketing push for the rise of 3D, the current rate of 3D HDTV sales have been disappointing. Toshiba has acknowledged this and have announced their new direction; by investing in newer models that allow for easy viewing without the need of expensive 3D glasses.

To be perfectly honest, the whole 3D glasses thing was never really impressive (for me, at least). The only reason I would even be remotely interested in upgrading my current LCD television would be for 3D gaming, but even then, I was put off by having to wear shades inside a building seemed highly unnatural.

The only problem I see right now is that most glass-free prototypes haven't been able to create a natural experience watching due to lack of available viewing angles with sub-HD resolutions due to processing power required to create 3D images.

It's a stretch, but if Toshiba's serious about creating a 3D world without glasses, we're more than welcoming the change as 3D tech becomes better with user experiences in mind.

Toshiba has 3 prototypes designed and will initially cost "several thousand" more than your run-the-mill 3D HDTV with glasses. Expect to get a taste of these sometime around Christmas.

[Via Technabob via AFP]

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