Toshiba: Luminous OLED Wallpaper On The Way?

Toshiba: Luminous OLED Wallpaper On The Way?

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 27, 2009

It looks like the future of home tech and entertainment might just come to light (pun intended) sooner than we expected. Toshiba, along with GE (General Electric) and Sony, have all been hard at work with their new ultra-thin OLED wallpapers that can one day be used to convert any wall into an instant extra-large TV.

Sound too good to be true? We have all the nitty gritty details on the progress of development, after the jump...

As quoted from Toshiba:

"The wallpaper uses light that has been redirected by an ultra-fine grating that is fabricated by self-assembled nano particles." [We'd also like to note] that it's several years from commercial production.

So, while it may be years until we see an actual product coming along (and like most new technologies, will be priced ridiculously high for the early adopters), we can always dream about what it would be like to get out hands on this technology when it comes out.

Having the ability to instantly change the wallpaper of an entire room with a single click and having rooms dedicated to interactivity (think dancing wall murals for kids, immersive video game experiences, and 360 simulations) just sounds too good to be true. But now that we know that it may be obtainable one day, we're more than happy to wait a little bit for those hard-working scientists to perfect it.

We'd like to point out that Dvice has a nice concise write-up regarding the development process of these new OLED wallpapers over here. We've highlighted the most important details below:

What they need to work on

  • The GE researchers have a lot more work to do before we see such lights in everyday use. The stumbling block now is cost, and that's why Duggal and his colleagues are working on a manufacturing process they call "roll-to-roll." Once perfected, the process would enable large quantities of these flexible OLEDs to be cranked out on conventional printing presses that are now used to coat plastics. The breakthrough? The printing technique costs a whole lot less than any OLED manufacturing technique ever attempted. How much cheaper? "It's at least 10 times, probably more," said Duggal.

What's in store:

  • The ultimate hope of GE scientists is to make these wallpaper light sources cost-effective enough to coat entire rooms with the stuff. "The big fantasy product that we always talk about is lighting wallpaper," Anil Duggal told DVICE. "We want all offices and homes to have this very flexible light source. When I say flexible, I mean a mechanically flexible light source that you can just paste wherever you want it and turn it on."

Say, if you had a huge wall in your home to fill, which one would it be? Surely, if it were us, we'd want one in the kitchen for recipe viewing, or since water and home tech always tend to have this uncomfortable separation these days, one in the shower wouldn't hurt either.

[via Dvice]

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