Toss the Duster: TVClean Rolls It Off Your Screen

Toss the Duster: TVClean Rolls It Off Your Screen

Taryn Williford
Jul 28, 2009

I must be a dust magnet. Whether it's the black surface of my stove, the shelves on my espresso bookshelf or the screen on my TV, I seem to always attract massive amounts of dust. It requires constant attention to keep from living in an ever-fuzzy home. So I was intrigued to see a product that promises to clean my screen without worry from scratches...

TVClean looks kind of like a lint roller that works on your LCD screen rather than your clothes, but it's a bit more complex two-part process.

First, the roller goes over the screen and picks up any dust particles. That way when you go to wipe fingerprints and spots off the screen with a microfiber cloth (That would be step number two!), you're not scratching the screen.

And the TVClean people want you to know that you can use their product on any shiny surface, including glass and stainless steel. Does that make it worth the nearly $50 USD price tag? Only if you're obsessed with dust- and smudge-free surfaces. Otherwise, we might just stick with our Clorox wipes.

Via Ubergizmo

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