Totally Tubular Floppy Disk Coasters

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Sara of Forever Rented)

Whenever I come across a bunch of floppy disks or diskettes I usually just laugh, make an Oregon Trail reference and throw them away. Luckily Sara is much more creative than I. When she came across a bunch of diskettes, inspiration struck and she found a fun way to give them a second life.

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 48 hours (including drying time)
Project Cost: $15

From Sara: Who is in for a flashback to the past? Last week, while I was deep cleaning the house, I found some old diskettes (plus hundreds of other unnecessary things) and suddenly felt so nostalgic! I remember when I had to stock my school work on a couple of diskettes and the computer took ages to read them. So, moved by the nostalgia, I set about giving these diskettes a new life as coasters.

(Image credit: Sara of Forever Rented)

What You Need

  • Diskettes

  • Silicone self-adhesive pearls

  • Spray paint

(Image credit: Sara of Forever Rented)


1. First of all, I cleaned the surface of the diskettes. Some of them had old tags, which I removed with water with soap and a scraper.

2. Then, I painted them with aged bronze spray paint twice with a lapse of 48 hours.

3.When the paint was dry, I added the self-adhesive pearls. Right after this, I made a tea and I used them!!

Thanks, Sara! You can see more on Sara’s blog Forever Rented.

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