Ditch the Strings: Touch Responsive Electronic Guitars

Ditch the Strings: Touch Responsive Electronic Guitars

Joel Pirela
Jun 16, 2011

At one point or another in our teenage lives, we've all wanted an electric guitar. We remember being so frustrated when our parents enrolled us in piano lessons instead. Many years later, we are still longing for one, but these new designs and concepts surely get our attention...because we still think we've got the touch!

Misa Digital Kitara
The Misa digital guitar is an experimental instrument, similar to an electric guitar in shape, but with an touch interface designed to control digital audio. On a regular electric guitar, you play notes with a pick. On the Kitara, you play notes by touching on the screen. The position and movement of your touch determine how the sound is generated and processed. We love than you can apply a number of digital effects, including distortion, delay and modulation, and you can control these effects through the touch panel interface.

Hyper Touch Guitar
Look ma: No strings! but a multi-touch screen that allows infinite instrument customization. We love that, if you are familiar with an electric guitar, you will be able to customize and change the number of strings, the number of frets, tuning, sound effects and much more. The guitar also becomes a wireless command center that allows you to completely manage your music. The design maintains the iconic shape of the standard electric guitar while adding improvement. Some controls (tone, volume and tremolo) are enhanced for more rapid and intuitive use.

Now for the DIY freak, you can try this. While not being a true electronic guitar; but more like an enhanced Guitar Hero with a MIDI controller, it's amazing the extraordinary feat accomplished here.

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