Tracy's DIY Roman Shade IKEA Hack Chair

Tracy's DIY Roman Shade IKEA Hack Chair

Gregory Han
Mar 20, 2009

AT reader Tracy had an IKEA Poang chair which she wanted to customize with a bit more personality. Fortunately, she had some extra roman shade fabric and a DIY moxy:
I decided to rent a small office for my freelancing, and then immediately got all giddy with the possibilities of decorating it. Of course, I'm on a budget, so I knew I'd have to make do a bit, but I really wanted a chair and ottoman. I had one of those Ikea Poang chairs at home (who doesn't?) and decided it would be the best thing to use, but the pad on it was their neutral green pattern and didn't match the primarily red scheme that was emerging in my office. I looked at the other pads they had for sale, but none of them inspired me and I didn't want to spring for something I thought was so-so. Then I considered covering the pad, and realized it would be a cinch. I remembered the fabric I'd bought for an (abandoned) roman shade project, just sitting in a cabinet. It would do perfectly.

Here are the basics:
Essentially, all you have to do is sew pillowcases. Seams straight up and down the sides and straight across the end, with the top ends open for putting them on. Once they're on, you can just tuck in any poking-out corners on the bottom and it looks nice and squared away.

Special considerations I encountered: I ended up sewing my patterned fabric to a thicker liner layer, because the patterned stuff wasn't thick enough to hide the pattern of the original cover. But all I really did was make a double-layer fabric and work with that - still simple. The red stripe up the middle came from the fact that the fabric had already been cut to size for the shades project, and didn't wrap all the way around the cushion. Instead of expanding it with pieces of the same fabric, I realized I had these red strips left over from trimming some (also Ikea) curtains a long time ago. They made up the extra space perfectly.

As far as closures went, I learned as I went along, and tried two different kinds. For the top of the main pad covers I just hemmed them and did a thing with Velcro on either side, then folded it like the end of a wrapped present. (ikeahack_chair_top_closure.jpg) I wanted to leave it straight-up-and-down open to make for easy removal, but I still felt the need to sew one side of it just slightly into present-wrapping formation so that it'd be the right shape when closed.

When I got to the little pillow, I got lazier, and just made a tab (ikeahack_pillow_unfolded.jpg) to tuck in (ikeahack_pillow.jpg). I didn't make allowances for the leather straps that'd need to come down into it to snap the pillow in place, but even without that it tucks in pretty okay.

To keep the pads in place on the chair, I just bought adhesive Velcro and put one side of it on each pad, to match the Velcro that comes attached to the chair frame.

That's pretty much it. I just thought, with all those Poang chairs out there, people might want to know how easy it is to give yourself some nice, original variation for very little work or cost. :)

Love the's sort of an IKEA meetings mod-racing stripes effect and great example of IKEA customization. Thanks Tracy for sharing. Keep 'em coming!

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