Trade In Cell Phones with AT&T?

Trade In Cell Phones with AT&T?

Taryn Williford
Mar 4, 2009

Are you the type to always crave the latest and greatest, even when what you've got is pretty shiny and new? AT&T is considering this plan just for customers like you. They're looking to launch a cell phone trade-in program that will allow users to upgrade in the middle of their contracts by assigning a trade-in value to pre-owned cell phones, much like a car dealership. But, of course, there would be some restrictions...

The rumor is that AT&T is considering the trade-in program to appease customers that, as Boy Genius reports, bought a BlackBerry Curve just before the Bold was released.

And, really, doesn't that always seem to happen? Especially at the beginning of the new year, right after all those old-model gadgets were given as Christmas gifts? I remember getting a bright blue Nintendo GameBoy with the old B&W screens for Christmas one year, and a few months later, Nintendo released the GameBoy Color with a color screen that came in my favorite color, purple.

It still stings, obviously. But that's neither here nor there... lets get back to the trade-in restrictions: The phone being traded in in can't be more than two years old and must be in fair shape. No Nokia box phones, I guess. You'll just have to take to E-Bay. This deal is for customers with buyers remorse.

Plus, the new phone will not have any extra subsidies applied to it, so basically whatever your trade-in covers, which will be valued at $50 to $200, will be your "savings."

Still, it's a pretty cool plan for what they intend it to be used for, primarily. Tell us: Would you take advantage of a trade-in if your mobile carrier provided it?

[ Image from enmoto@Flickr ]

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