This $3 Hand Soap is Everyone’s Favorite Fall Find at Trader Joe’s

published Nov 25, 2019
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Update, 9.27: According to Trader Joe’s, this hand soap is out of season for now. Mark your calendar for next fall!

One of my greatest, most simple joys in life is listening to a favorite playlist or podcast and strolling through the aisles of Trader Joe’s. That goes double if it’s fall (hello, autumn-themed everything).

I recently was on one of these types of TJ’s trips when I serendipitously spotted a new (to me) hand soap.

Credit: Tara Bellucci

Trader Joe’s Apple Cider scent foaming hand soap is fall-themed, but not in an overt, pumpkin spice kind of way, and hey—I needed new hand soap for the kitchen, so in the cart it went. As soon as I got home and started using it, I knew I had made a good choice. Every time I use it now I am pleasantly surprised with just how fresh and comforting the scent is. It’s more cinnamon-y than it is apple in my opinion, but it doesn’t have that sharp, spicy edge that some cinnamon scents can have.

Turns out I stumbled upon a cult favorite. Trader Joe’s Apple Cider foaming hand soap made its debut during the 2018 season, where it became so popular with loyal ‘Joes fans that TJs knew they had to bring it back for a round-two bout of fall fun this year.

Credit: Trader Joe's

According to Trader Joe’s Reddit (a magical and sometimes very overwhelming place), I’m not the only one who feels strongly about the soap. Someone posted an entire thread about the item, in fact, writing about the product: “Y’all this stuff is great. I smelled it and bought two. Should have bought more.” As someone who has since run out of the soap, I can confirm that stocking up is probably a good idea. 

There are even some eBay sellers auctioning off the soaps—meaning that there is clearly a high demand for it. But it’s worth mentioning that this scent can be a little divisive, too. There are a couple blogs written by Trader Joe’s die hard fans who were put off by the “apple cider vinegar-y” smell of the soap. I can see how that would be a knee-jerk reaction to the soap myself, but I find it refreshing. Personally, I plan on going back to before the season is over and stocking up on at least a few more to bring me through winter and maybe even spring, too.

But if the Apple Cider soap isn’t your thing, TJ’s offers a bunch of other hand soaps that are just as popular. The lemon verbena scent is a safe bet if you want something that’s fresh, invigorating, and smells oh-so-good in your bathroom or kitchen. The best part? Every single soap at Trader Joe’s is affordable, so it’s easy to experiment with a scent or two if you’re not sure what you want.