A New Trader Joe’s Candle Just Dropped, and It’s Perfect for Summer

published Jul 2, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Masur

Trader Joe’s scented candles are famous for, well, their scents (and affordable prices, of course). Throughout the year, the grocer sprinkles a collection of seasonal candles throughout its stores — Mango Tangerine, Vanilla Pumpkin, Honeycrisp Apple, and Cedar Balsam are just a few favorites — giving scented candle enthusiasts something to hunt for and look forward to. And this summer, Trader Joe’s dropped a brand new scent: Peach Black Tea. Without even smelling it, you can already tell this one is a winner. 

“Light the lead-free cotton wick on #TraderJoes new Peach Black Tea Candle, and the sweet scent of fresh #peaches—mingled with the mild bite of #blacktea—will transport you to some front porch swing in the shade on a spectacular summer’s day,” Trader Joe’s captioned the announcement Instagram post. Yum, yum, and more yum.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Like the rest of the brand’s candles, Peach Black Tea is made with a natural soy wax blend, free from dyes and parabens. You get approximately 20 hours of burn time with each candle, “coupled with excellent ‘throw’ (#candle-speak for how much space a scent can fill when given adequate release time), you can enjoy that ‘porch’ long past #sunset,” Trader Joe’s says.

And also like the other scents, the batch of Peach Black Tea candles is a limited supply. So, if you’re looking to transport yourself to that shady front porch swing on a summer’s day with each wafting breeze filled with delicious peachy tea scent, you better get your butt to Trader Joe’s to see if they have a Peach Black Tea candle waiting for you.