The Home Buy I Never Leave Trader Joe’s Without

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Let me preface this by saying I have never been a flower person. I’ve always told romantic interests to skip the flowers—and meant it. I just don’t see the point in spending disposable income on something that’s so plentiful outdoors and dies as soon as you bring it indoors. Then there’s the whole bit about changing the water and cleaning up rotten stems. For me, you can file flowers under “waste of money.”

But then I started doing the majority of my shopping at Trader Joe’s. And let me tell you: TJ’s knows what they’re doing. They put gorgeous flowers right inside the entrance. I may not think flowers are a worthy investment, but I’m no monster, either. Those flowers caught my eye the first time I walked in.

And then, just as I was about to start my search for some of the store’s infamous deals, something truly magical happened: I spotted the price tag on a ridiculously lush bouquet of peonies. They were just $9.99. If I learned anything from my wedding planning days, I knew this was a killer deal, so I put them in my cart and gave them to my grandmother as a gift. She gushed over them, and I solidified my spot as the favorite grandchild.

Then, when I visited her more than a week later, I noticed the peonies were still thriving. I knew right then and there: I was a flower convert. Now, my weekly TJ’s haul always includes a bunch of flowers, and I’ll tell everyone who will listen about the amazing deals that can be had.

(Image credit: Brigitt Earley)

My current favorite is the gladiolus; I can get 12 stunning stems (seriously, there’s nothing like them) for just $4.99. What’s even better? They also last upwards of a week, because the graduated blossoms bloom slowly. My arrangement grows prettier, not more decrepit, by the day.

TJ’s flower deals are perfect for gifting, too. When the director of my son’s daycare did something particularly kind, I brought her a beautiful orchid that cost me just $7.99. And when I needed a small token of appreciation for a realtor who’d done me a favor, I found the cutest mini bouquet for $3.99, arranged it in a charming mason jar I already had at home, and dropped it off.

So, a heartfelt thank you to Trader Joe’s for putting weekly flowers—whether for me or for someone else—within budget.