People Are Spotting $9 Peonies at Trader Joe’s

updated May 11, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Anyone who has ever shopped at Trader Joe’s knows that cult-favorite items — from the ridiculously cheap Charles Shaw wines to the always-awaited pumpkin ice cream — quickly go out of stock. The flowers are definitely no exception.

Trader Joe’s has recently restocked their shelves with beautiful bouquets of peonies. But you better hurry, because these fragrant and showy beauties only bloom from April to June, which means their seasonal nature makes supplies limited and demand more insatiable. And you can’t blame people; these flowers are just too stunning:

What’s even better is the price, with bouquets available for $8.99 each.

According to Garden Design, peonies’ colors range from “white, pink and red to coral, maroon and yellow,” with many changing colors as they bloom. So don’t worry if the peonies in your area are not yet as vivid as the ones on Instagram; they’ll come along.

Again, peonies sell fast. Some locations have already run out of stock. Blame all the thoughtful people who made sure their mums got nice flowers on Mother’s Day.

If your local Trader Joe’s has already run out of peonies, the supermarket brand still has other floral choices you might like. For instance, over in Tustin, California, they have $10.99 tulips!

In nearby Concord, they had these vibrant sun star plants, priced at $3.99, just a few weeks ago.

And if you’re in the mood to splurge? In LA, they have baby’s breath flowers, priced at $25. Just look at all those colors!

Always remember: walk, don’t run.