Trader Joe’s Is Selling a Gorgeous Plant Find for Just $13

published Mar 28, 2024
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Credit: Kenneth Sponsler/Shutterstock

Whether you’re new to succulents or a seasoned pro at caring for them, you’ll be super impressed by the tabletop garden Trader Joe’s just dropped in its plant section. It’s a large and shallow decorative ceramic dish absolutely bursting with hen and chick succulents and for just $13, you have a brand-new star of your houseplant show.

“First time seeing these larger sized echeveria or hen and chick succulent gardens!” the creator behind the Trader Joe’s Plants Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “I just love the sempervivum cobweb too — such a fun looking plant. Very easy growing indoors and outdoors, where they like bright sunlight that’s not too hot as they can burn. Note: hen and chicks succulents are [pet] friendly!”

Hen and chicks (which are of the sempervivum variety) are called such because the plant has a larger “hen” rosette with smaller offshoot rosettes (the “chicks”) growing around it. These tabletop gardens actually have two varieties of sempervivum in each dish, as the Trader Joe’s Plants creator pointed out — the hen and chicks and the Cobweb Houseleek, which is covered in fine hairs that resemble a spiderweb.

Caring for sempervivum succulents couldn’t be easier. Just leave them in a sunny spot that gets about six hours of direct sunlight per day and only water when the soil is completely dry all the way through. If you notice your succulents start to brand out, then they need more sunlight. But if the tips of their leaves start to crisp up, then they may be getting too much sunlight, so adjust accordingly.

Pick up one of these hen and chick tabletop gardens from your local Trader Joe’s for just under $13. It’s an instant conversation starter and the perfect spring and summer centerpiece.