The Art of Eyeballing: Visual Balance Training with Magic Flip Cards

The Art of Eyeballing: Visual Balance Training with Magic Flip Cards

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 8, 2016
(Image credit: Alicia Macias)

Dear readers, I have a confession: I pretty much never measure anything when it comes to home decorating. From hanging paintings to arranging furniture, I'm a fan of the very unscientific art of eyeballing. And I believe it's an art that can be taught.

Today's eyeballing lesson is all about visual balance—a design principle we've talked about before on Apartment Therapy.

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The basic idea is that a lot of times, a room is beautiful thanks in part to successful balance—where each side of the room visually "weighs" the same as the other side. Sure, you can achieve that through perfect design symmetry. But you don't have to choose the exact decor pieces on either side of an imaginary line to achieve visual balance. You can eyeball it.

Though you can't physically measure visual balance, you can train your eyes to know when it's happening. Check out the four examples below. The before photo is visually "lopsided," but the after (and original, non-manipulated) photo is visually balanced—it "weighs" the same on both sides of the room. Can you see it?

Ready to test your eyeballs? Take this quiz → Can You Pick Out the Most Visually Balanced Room?See more of the gorgeous homes featured above:

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