Transit Score: A New Tool to Find Public Transit Paradise

For over a year Walk Score has been a super internet tool useful for finding out how walkable your current or prospective neighborhood is. Knowing that walking isn’t the only eco-friendly form of transportation, the website has added a new calculator, Transit Score, to determine how well a location is served by public transportation.

After you type in your address to get your Walk Score, the website also gives you your Transit Score, which is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The Transit Score calculates a score for a specific location by summing the relative “usefulnesses” of nearby routes, which is defined by the distance to the nearest stop on the route, the frequency of the route and type of route. Transit Score currently works for about 40 cities — any city whose transit agency publishes data in the GTFS format.

You can take the process even one step further by getting your Commute Report, which after you type in your work address (or other destination) will tell you how long walking, biking, driving or public transit will take and will give a recommendation on the best transportation type for your route. It also includes topography information, which very useful information for walkers and bikers. It should be noted that this is not super accurate, as the Commute Report recommended that I drive to work, which should according to the website only take 27 minutes. In reality I walk and take the train to work, which takes about 60-minutes each way, and costs about $90 per month, whereas driving can sometimes take up to 90-minutes and would cost much more.

Lastly, Walk Score added another new feature, the Housing and Transportation Calculator, to give you a better idea of how your neighborhood walk and transit scores affect living costs.

(Images via Walk Score)