This Transparent Cabin Lets You Sleep (Almost) Directly Under the Stars

updated Jun 29, 2020
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Credit: Airbnb

Sleeping directly under the stars might sound romantic to you. Or it might sound like an invitation for bugs to crawl freely over you as you sleep. That’s where the transparent cabin comes in. With a clear roof over your head, you can feel as if you’re sleeping under the stars, while also staying sheltered from the elements.

One such cabin is currently available for rent on Airbnb. Called “Immerso,” the prefabricated structure was designed by architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi to be quick and easy to install. 

Credit: Airbnb

The cabin has a birch plywood frame, anchored by metal to a plexiglass roof and walls. It’s just big enough for a double bed and coffee table, which makes sense, considering it’s basically a fancy tent. It also appears to have curtains, in case you feel a little too exposed to the surrounding nature.

Credit: Airbnb

The Airbnb listing seems to suggest that “Immerso” will eventually move from location to location. For now, you can rent it in its current spot in La Morra, Italy, for $130.75 per night.