Transparent Technology:
Anything But Smartphones, Please!

Transparent Technology:
Anything But Smartphones, Please!

Tess Wilson
Feb 7, 2013

When I read an article about a prototype for a new, transparent smartphone, I nearly laughed out loud: doesn't keeping our smartphones safe already require constant vigilance? Aren't they delicate and easy to drop/sit on/spill on enough? There are so many things I would rather see made transparent, for example...

#1 Curtains Having the curtains closed always makes me feel claustrophobic, leading me to leave them open well into the evening...leading my neighbors to know way too much about my business. The great tech minds need to get to work on see-through curtains, perhaps something similar to Samsung's virtual display "window" show above, something that provides privacy, yet allows natural light in. Something like a one-way mirror, but pretty.

#2 Bedding While we're creating transparent textiles, let's make some sheets and blankets. You'd still want an opaque bottom sheet (mattresses are very rarely worthy of display), but the top sheet, comforters, duvets, quilts, etc, could all be clear. Ooh, sexy!

#3 Pots + Pans Have you seen the amazing photos from Modernist Cuisine? Unfortunately, the best way to view all of them is through an image search, but you can learn more about the process on the book's website. Many photos show food being cooked in cut-in-half pans, allowing readers to see a cross-section of the cooking process. As described in the book, "A technique we used to create many of the cutaways was to glue a piece of heat-resistant borosilicate glass to a cut pot with silicone caulking." Let's cut to the chase and make heat-resistant borosilicate glass woks and stock pots so we can all get in on the action. Who knows what soup gets up to when it thinks we're not watching..

So, would you want a clear smartphone, or can you name 10 things off the top of your head that should be made transparent first? And if so, please name them!

(Images: Design Taxi; Modernist Cuisine)

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