Trash to Treasure Trouble: The Cathedral of Junk

There are many reasons I’m proud to call Austin, Texas, home—from the amazing weekly farmer’s market to the city’s great green initiatives. But one of the best things about Austin is its unofficial motto: “Keep Austin Weird.” Citizens do their part to keep it up, and the Cathedral of Junk—a popular landmark—is no exception. But now it’s in danger of losing its status.

The Cathedral, which has been a tourist hotspot and community icon in Vince Hannemann’s backyard for two decades, is now facing trouble because city officials (possibly tipped off by the new development behind Hannemann’s neighborhood) have deemed it not up to code, and therefore a danger to visitors. According to KVUE news, if the Cathedral of Junk is not brought up to code by the beginning of April, it will have to be demolished. The Cathedral has hosted tens of thousands of visitors, as well as been the site of weddings, field trips, and more.

If you can, stop by to show your support before the deadline!

(Images: Flickr Member Andreanna Moya Photography, licensed under Creative Commons.)