Where You Should Travel in 2023, According to National Geographic

published Nov 6, 2022
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As we enter the last few months of 2022, there’s no time like the present to look ahead and plan your dream 2023 vacation. If you’re looking for inspiration, don’t worry — National Geographic has you covered.

 The magazine recently revealed its “Best of the World” list for 2023, spotlighting travel experiences that should be on your radar next year, from a high-speed train in Laos to a chance to swim amongst sharks and manta rays in Mexico.

This year, the list is broken down into five categories: Adventure, Community, Culture, Family, and Nature. Each category contains five recommendations, all of which you can check out below.


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  1. Trek to Choquequirao, an isolated Incan site in Peru
  2. Try out bungee jumping in New Zealand, its country of origin
  3. Explore less-visited areas of the gorgeous state of Utah
  4. Hike cross-country across Austria’s Bergsteigerdörfer mountaineering villages
  5. Swim with sharks and manta rays in Mexico’s Revillagigedo National Park


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A market in Accra, Ghana
  1. Participate in women-led sustainable tourism in Karpathos, Greece’s Dodecanese Islands
  2. Spend a weekend enjoying Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s local community and breweries
  3. Learn long-held traditions courtesy of Indigenous tourism outfitters in Alberta, Canada
  4. Speed across Laos in a new high-speed train that economically benefits the locals
  5. Celebrate Black heritage and discover new fashion trends in Accra, Ghana’s capital city


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The Longmen Grottos
  1. Check out Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes and visit King Tut at Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum
  2. Enjoy craft beer and check out Asia’s premier film festival in Busan, South Korea
  3. Trek across Europe’s ancient “superhighway” in Italy’s Appian Way
  4. Explore the International African American History Museum in Charleston, South Carolina
  5. Visit one of the world’s largest assemblages of stone statues at Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province, China


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A leatherback sea turtle in Trinidad & Tobago
  1. Take the train to small Alpine towns in Switzerland and enjoy chocolate, hiking and skiing
  2. Help save the turtles in Trinidad & Tobago’s leatherback turtle rookeries
  3. Go camping and hike the Crosstown Trail in San Francisco, California
  4. Go birdwatching in the tropical rainforests of Colombia
  5. Check out football stadiums in Manchester, UK


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The Azores
  1. Enjoy the local flora and fauna of Botswana and help rehabilitate endangered species
  2. Take in the majesty of the Scottish Highlands
  3. Explore gastrotourism biking routes in Slovenia, which lead to farms, cheesemakers, vineyards, and more
  4. Experience the frontier landscapes of Texas’ Big Bend National Park
  5. Discover the wonders of the Azores’ carefully conserved volcanic archipelago in Portugal