Travel Essential: 4 Uses for Lavender

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Traveling is exciting, packing a small bag makes it better, and having that bag smell good when you get there is sublime:

We’ve been in the habit of throwing lavender sachets into our luggage for some time now. We have a bunch in our regular drawers and so we just grab 2 or 3 and fit them in around our clothes in our suitcase. This means the more the bag gets crushed, the more relaxing scent is released into our clothes.

Some other uses for lavender on a trip:

Have trouble sleeping? Take a couple deep breaths of the soothing smell and relax.

• Don’t have the space for a bath oil or don’t like the hotel’s? Use a smaller sachet, that you don’t intend to reuse) and put it under the hot water for a more luxurious experience.

• If you get scared while flying you can keep a sachet in your carry-on to freshen it up but also to pull out and squeeze (for your hands to get their nervous energy out) and breathe in to soothe your anxiety.

You can make your own lavender sachets by buying lavender in bulk then either sewing a little pillow shaped sachet or by tying a pile of it up in a scrap piece of fabric and securing it at the top with a string or ribbon. Etsy has a ton of lavender sachet’s that are hand made and inexpensive. Alternatively, you can use something like Trader Joe’s Lavender Laundry Bags.

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