Travel Inspiration: Chart Your Adventures

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Having just returned from 5 glorious days on the southwest coast of Oregon, we’ve definitely got travel on the brain. We met up with cousins that just returned from China and are on their way to Europe, other cousins that are backpacking through the mountains in Northern California and are planning trips around the world. Sitting on the airplane and looking at the map in the back of the airline magazine had us dreaming of far off destinations, road trips and leisurely time off. It also reminded us of a decor statement a friend of ours made in their guest room/office:

A couple years back at a housewarming party for a couple that had just moved in together we spotted a world map. It was in their guest room/office and it had 3 different colored pins stuck in it. They each had their own color to stick in the map where they had already traveled and used another color to show the places they had traveled together. Can’t remember now if they had another color denoting places they wanted to travel, but either way it made good use of some solid map decor and also was a great way to dream up new adventures. We’re planning on starting something similar just to keep travel close at hand and to be reminded how much of the world there is left to explore.

Have you done something similar to chart your adventures?

(Image: Flickr member caitlinator licensed for use under Creative Commons)