Travel Month: Treadway Wearable Transportation

Travel Month: Treadway Wearable Transportation

Jul 2, 2009

We love our mobile tech here at Unplggd and since we are on the topic of travel for the month of July, why not talk a bit about how we get around?
Cars are clogging up our city streets. If every one of those cars were to be switched to electric, we would still have the same number of cars on the road- we would probably have more since electricity is cheaper to run. The fact is, cars can adapt to multiple usage scenarios and that is why we use them... but is there another way?

Public transit seems like a great solution. The problem is that while it sounds good on paper there are some cities where it is very difficult to use. A lot of the issues stem from not being able to get to and from train and bus stations.

What we are talking about is the "Last Mile". In short, the last mile is the cracks in the system. It is the distance between your house and the train, the bus and work, the local store and your home. It is any distance that is too far to walk and too short to drive.

Treadways are the glue to fill those cracks. They allow you to get from one place to another by adapting to all native forms of transit. You can ride a bike while wearing them, walk with them, even drive a car with them on. They take you to the local train station, from the parking spot that used to be so far from your office, and in-between the bus and train to enable efficient and total mobility.

Wireless hand controller

Part apparel, part transportation, Treadways are about becoming mobile.

Be your transportation.

"Motorized shoes"- that is the short answer. There is plenty out there to get you from point "A" to point "B", but how many of these small mobility devices are comfortable enough to have with you all day? How many of them are usable with almost all other forms of transportation?


Imagine if you could just click in and out of a wearable vehicle. Wear them to get you from the train to a bus stop that used to be too far away from each other. Wear them to the corner store for some milk, eggs, a loaf of bread and some *cough* condoms. You can even wear them while driving your car. Wear them to and from work. At 3 lbs each foot, you can wear them all day, everywhere you go and you never have to leave them unattended.

Treadways are very simple: A special shoe, a motor, gearbox, circuitboard, and batteries. The throttle, brakes and taillights are directed by a wireless handheld controller. Transition from walking to scooting, effortlessly. Plug them in at work or at home and get a ten mile range at 10mph.

A previous design

Learn more here:
Take a look at a video.
Oh, and I am the designer...

So what do you guys think? How many of you would try this? Do you like the new leather design or the previous shiny one?

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