Travel the Globe on Foot with Denmark’s Walkable World Map

published Jun 11, 2017
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(Image credit: Verdenskortet)

Exploring the entire world on foot sounds like an impossible feat, especially considering the fact that water covers nearly 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Even for a mermaid, we’d venture to say that making a trip around the globe without the assistance of modern transportation is asking for a bit much. Luckily though, morphing into a half-human, half-sea creature isn’t necessary to get the exploratory deed done, thanks to this spectacular walkable world map in Denmark.

(Image credit: Verdenskortet)

The creation of Danish farmer Søren Poulsen, Verdenskortet, or world map, allows visitors to traverse the globe in a matter of minutes, minus the jet lag and multiple passport stamps. The idea behind the massive map began when Poulsen stumbled upon a stone that shared a remarkable resemblance to the Jutland Peninsula, which contains mainland Denmark and divides the North and Baltic Seas.

That uniquely shaped stone compelled Poulsen to start the ambitious idea in 1944. For more than two decades, he worked diligently to arrange stones and dirt to mirror each country’s geographical layout, armed with only an assortment of hand tools, a pushcart and a wheelbarrow. He continued expanding upon the map until his death in 1969.

(Image credit: Verdenskortet)

Today, approximately 35,000 visitors make their way to Pouslen’s childhood home at Klejtrup Lake to view and explore his incredible creation. The map measures 300′ by 150′ and bears a flag for every country. The equator is comprised of red poles and each of the states in the US is marked by yellow bricks. Covering 10 inches of the map is equivalent to traveling roughly 69 miles.

Also, there’s much more to do at Verdenskortet than marvel at the world. The map’s mini-Pacific Ocean is large enough to host boat trips. Visitors can take guided tours (that come with coffee and cake!), enjoy a pony ride, play miniature golf, rent out event space and more.

The entry fee for adults is $12 while children get in for $8, both remarkably decent prices to become an instant jet-setter.

h/t Inhabitat