Tray and Container in One: Alessi Fat Tray & Container

The Alessi Fat Tray and Container is double the fun and function. The top is a tray; the bottom is a container that holds everything from cups and plates, to teabags and snacks. This versatile tray works great beyond the kitchen and dining room. Read more for the skinny.

The Alessi Fat Tray and Container is made of bamboo, a renewable resource that’s both biodegradable and beautiful. It’s also multifunctional, giving it long-lasting use in your home.

Why it’s Great:
  • It is multifunctional, with a tray on top and a divided container on the bottom.
  • The container is customizable with a divider that can be changed to almost
     any position along its length.
  • It’s a two-fer, making it small-space friendly.
  • Bamboo construction makes it light-weight.
  • The bottom edge is elevated so picking up the container is a snap.
  • It’s versatile. In addition to organizing items in the kitchen and dining room, it can be
     used to organize coffee table items like magazines and remote controls, and office
     or craft items like bills, paper, the tape dispenser and stapler.

Would be Better:
Great as it is, one design change that would make the Alessi tray even better would be hand holes on the top edge of the container to make picking up the tray off the base easier, especially when the tray is loaded with delicious food.

Buy it! Alessi’s Fat Tray and Container from Alessi A-Shop. $146.00

(Images courtesy of Alessi)