Treasure Island’s Green Future

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Really, our only experience with Treasure Island has been when we used to visit its short-lived Flea Market. But there are actually big plans for the sad little man-made island that, at this point, mostly houses abandoned military buildings. According to Popular Mechanics, San Francisco city officials, engineers, architects, and the public have come up with a plan for it to become “a testbed for the newest ideas in energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management and low-impact living.”

Planners intend for it to be pedestrian-friendly, with frequent ferry shuttles to San Francisco. Street grids will be reoriented to take advantage of solar exposure and protection from the wind. New housing will include multifamily units and residential towers, and all buildings will be energy-efficient. Other plans include a modern wastewater treatment facility, artificial wetlands, wind turbines, solar water-heating systems — and farmland to grow organic produce.

The groundbreaking’s scheduled for 2009.

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Image: Ofer Wolberger – Popular Mechanics

Originally published by Leslie on AT:SF.