Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!

Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!

Jenny Butler
May 27, 2010

Cash is a bit tight around our neck of the woods. With the husband paying to study instead of being paid to work, we've had to cut back on everything and now we're down to the basic expenses. After 5 months of budgeting hard and countless unexpected expenses (last week was fixing a broken washing machine), it's time for a bit of a reward- can you guess what we are craving?

Art! If it goes on the wall, we're longing for it. Whilst there are lots of luxury (and some borderline necessity) items that we've gone without in the past few months, it's something pretty to hang on the wall that we can't wait to splurge on. We think it's probably because we've spent so much more time at home as a result of our self inflicted credit crunch that staring at the walls has led to our arty cravings.

After featuring the new range by Pony Rider a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't stop thinking about the Hello Lover flag and finally bought one. A couple of more affordable prints from Etsy that we've had our eye on for months were purchased and that's our treat done. As they have slowly been appearing in our mail box over the past week, we've loved that rush of excitement and potential that comes with a hard earned purchase.

While there are lots of budget friendly things you can do around your home, sometimes a little treat can brighten your home in a whole new way, not to mention brighten your spirits after all of your hard work.

What's the one home indulgence that you're waiting to reward yourself with?

(Image from Pilgrim's Progressive Vintage)

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