Tree Time! 5 Tips for the Perfect Tree

Tree Time! 5 Tips for the Perfect Tree

Dec 3, 2012
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Everyone has a different tree trimming technique. Some spend hours measuring and re-measuring the distance between light strands and strings of popcorn for a meticulously tidy tree. Others let their kids toss ornaments at the tree to see where they land for a very.... creative tree. Whatever your technique, we're here with some fundamental tips from decor pro Sabrina Soto that will help you decorate your tree with stunning results.

>>>Spruce up your tree-trimming technique with these tips from the pros.

1. To create more visual impact, hang larger, bolder ornaments closer to the trunk, and lighter, more simple ornaments closer to the edge.

Bigger ornaments can stand out against the bushiness of a tree's interior, and branches are stronger at the base, so this rule just makes plain good sense to follow. Use Glitter Spiked Burst Ornaments to punctuate the interior branches of your tree. Also consider tucking a few larger ornaments, like Paper Mache Animal Ornaments in spots where branches are sparse to fill up space and give your tree a fuller look.

2. Hang smaller ornaments near the top, and larger ones closer to the bottom.

Remember learning in art history class how the Greeks curved the columns of the Parthenon to make them appear straighter and taller when viewed from the ground? You can used the same forced-perspective technique on your tree! Placing smaller ornaments above eye level will subtly make your tree seem taller. It's also smarter as the smaller, more tender branches near the top are often not strong enough to carry the weight of large ornaments. Of course, the one exception to this rule is your tree-topper. The Capiz Star Tree Topper will seem even brighter and bolder when surrounded by smaller, more delicate ornaments at the top of your tree.

3. Mix up shapes and textures.

Variety is key to a perfectly decorated tree.Though it makes sense to stick with an overall theme when selecting ornaments, try to branch out in terms of texture and type. Knits are a great way to add a new, cozy texture to your collection. Try some Knit Animal Ornaments, or Knit Mitten Ornaments for cute shapes and comfy textures. If your tree has a more modern look, consider trimming with Knit Ball Garlands which add a new texture and shape in a clean, simple manner.

4. Use white lights to show off bright ornaments.

White lights, especially super-brights LEDs, provide the cleanest light for showing off glittering ornaments. When decorating your tree consider the placement of shiny ornaments in relation to strings of light. Shatterproof Blue/Green Ornaments, for example, will shine especially bright when reflecting nearby lights.

5. Estimate 150 lights per vertical foot of tree.

150 lights per foot of tree will provide a very luminous glow. Enough to illuminate ornaments as well as provide a soft light for the room.

Of course, none of these tips are very helpful if you don't have a tree to begin with! Artificial trees have come a long way since the days of bright pink metallic "trees". (Though if you're going for a retro Kitschmas, you could still get away with that one). Target has a wide selection, and we're a fan of the 7.5-ft Pre-lit Balsam Fir from Philips. It comes with a stand and is lit with 500 clear mini-bulbs so it's easy to set up. You can also choose an artificial tree by variety, like this Virginia Fir. Whichever tree you choose this year, follow the tips above for great results!

>>>For more tree trimming inspiration and decor ideas, check out Target's 2012 Holiday Home Catalog.

What's your tree trimming technique and do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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