Tree-Trimming Secrets

Tree-Trimming Secrets

I've only had one proper Christmas tree as an adult, and it was beautiful but a bit disastrous. The base leaked and discolored our hardwood floors. The cats knocked off and shattered our pretty glass ornaments. And the lights, no matter how hard I tried, never really looked quite right. This year, I'm getting technical with my tree-trimming skills.

Martha Stewart offers some sensible step-by-step advice for fixin' up the tannenbaum and all its lovely branches. It may seem overkill to include a diagram on how to properly string lights or twist wire hangers for ornaments, but nobody ever taught me, so consider me an eager student. This years tree will definitely top that last one, which looked like a Charlie Brown special by the time Christmas arrived.

Do you have any time or tree-saving secrets?

Image: Martha Stewart

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