Home Design Trend Forecast 2010: Feminine Menswear

We just spent a really interesting day as the guest of the Sears Holdings team at their design headquarters. It was an enlightening visit – all about the process that the home goods designers go through to create their lines a year in advance yet still on trend for when they are available in stores. It is an enviable but challenging job….

…foretelling the trend future through travel and inspiration and then making it a reality (on a Kmart budget no less!).

We took snaps of some of the inspiration boards that the team (Theresa, Rick, and Chris) pull together after traveling (last year they went to Paris, Berlin and New York, this summer they are off to Tokyo) to share with the Apartment Therapy readers.

The first trend we’ll take a look at is what the design team calls “Haberdas-her” – a very Chanel-ish (she did it first, and really wonderfully) mashup of classic menswear fabrics and patterns with more feminine shapes, colors, textures and imagery.

As you can see, the color story is black and white with a strong pink. Houndstooth, tweeds and plaids mix with polka dots and a bit of lace. A bit of chain link, some gold, stylized flowers and plenty of silhouette imagery finishes the look.

We saw this look translated into a bedding set, but it, like all of their forecasts, will be used as inspiration across the lines, brands and stores (Sears and Kmart) that the team sets the trends for.

More info on the design team: kmartdesign

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