7 Home Trends We’re Noticing in 2010

This past week Rebecca and I gave a talk that pinpointed some of the trends that we are seeing for 2010. Our list, after the jump, should be no surprise to anyone who follows our house tours closely. Do you agree with us? What trends have you noticed for 2010 and beyond?

  • Upcycling: Finding old pieces and reinventing them by giving them a new use or a new look.
  • Turquoise: Pantone’s colour of the year is something we’ve been seeing more and more of in our house tours.
  • Craft: Knitting, crocheting, doing it ourselves. Craft used in unexpected ways, blown up big or used in unexpected places (crocheted metal, a thick knit sweater rug)
  • Natural Glam: The combination of all of the above in the home. Natural colours, like browns and greys (with touches of blue, green and turquioise), natural textures and fabrics (lots of linen, leather and burlap) and a move towards lighter, warmer woods combined with the unexpected — metal side tables, a glamourous crystal chandelier, cut glass doorknobs, a tin ceiling.


  • Indoor Gardening: Plants used as a design element indoors; a wall of greenery, a carpet of grass.
  • Train Scrolls: or bus scrolls.
  • Dark walls: in true deep charcoal greys, deep grey browns, blue blacks and purple blacks. Cozy, safe and warm. Keep the ceiling and the trim white.