Trent Reznor's Innovative Free Iphone App

Trent Reznor's Innovative Free Iphone App

Range Govindan
Apr 7, 2009

At first, when I read reports on the new Trent Reznor NIN iPhone app, I was skeptical. What could this free app from the iTunes store really do for us? Other than mimic and present us with different little improvements. Well it turns out that it could do a lot more. Actually, it does stuff that no iPhone app or IM client has done before. Do you want to find out more?

So, first of all, you need to know that this app goes hand in hand with the Nine Inch Nails band. Trent Reznor is one of the few big name musicians who really understands how to leverage his fans. His last two albums are available for free off his website. For free! Isn't that awesome? In addition, Reznor released a bunch of limited edition CDs and DVDs, which naturally all sold out. You can also purchase high quality version MP3s so that you have a great sound quality while you listen to them.

That's what he has done in the past. The new NIN iPhone app does a whole lot more. It's basically like the community website, with full access to emails, messages, forums and media. You can check out all of the photos in the galleries, uploaded by the band or by fans, filter through them and set them as you screensavers. The same goes for videos. Until now, you're just wondering what all of the hype is really all about. Well, the hype is about this. The NIN app lets you see and talk via IM with other fans that are in your vicinity. The IM client has got a GPS function in it, with something called fuzzy location, to randomize your location within a mile to stop any stalkers you might have. This means that you can talk with other people in the community who are nearby. This is huge. I don't think that any other chat or IM clients do this yet. The integration is seamless and is really impressive when it comes to shows. You can upload videos and photos during shows, share them with others and the site. It's really pretty amazing.

There is also this slick web interface that works with Google Earth to zoom in on all of the public conversations taking place. Once again, you can decide if you want to talk with people from your own country, your city or in your neighborhood. The video presentation includes exact details on how this free app will work. I was really impressed. [via Wired]

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