Trick or Treat Alternatives to Candy: Kid Approved!

Trick or Treat Alternatives to Candy: Kid Approved!

Micki Howl
Oct 21, 2011

I enlisted the help of my seven-year-old sister for this post. I was explaining to her that I wanted to come up with alternative items (NOT candy) to give to trick-or-treaters when she replied "oh no, we're going to be that house?" I assured her that there would be plenty of candy to go around to which she said "that's the point."

Once I further explained that I was not including items like toothbrushes and carrots (and assured her that those people only existed in nightmares), her brain started churning. So here it is, from the mind of a seven-year-old, what would be "cool" to get instead of candy for Halloween:

1. Silly Putty
Me: Some parents don't like Silly Putty because it is sticky and messy.
Little Sister: So are lollipops and bubblegum

Fair enough. Oriental Trading has 48 mini containers for $10.

2. Squinkies

A little expensive for the average trick-or-treater but apparently these are all the rage right now. $8 for 12 individual Squinkies.

3. Neon Vampire Teeth

She liked these because according to her "vampires are scary." She obviously hasn't seen Twilight. $8.00 for 144 pieces.

4. Stickers
No specific theme, just the request that there are both boy and girl options.

(Image: Flickr member sponselli licensed for use by Creative Commons, via Ohdeedoh)

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