Trick or Treat Tips for Pet Safety

Trick or Treat Tips for Pet Safety

Micki Howl
Oct 27, 2011

While many of us think it's hilarious to shame our animals into wearing something completely against their will for Halloween, we also love our pets dearly and wouldn't want to put them in any danger. If you're an animal owner, read on for some key points to keep in mind when it comes to celebrating Halloween with Man's Best Friend.

1. Keep them away from the chocolate! It's dangerous and can even be deadly to some animals.

2. If you're planning on dressing up your pet make sure that the costume doesn't hinder their movements and doesn't have pieces to it that could easily be removed and ingested.

3. Sad but true: outdoor animals often fall victim to Halloween pranks. It's recommended that you bring in any outdoor pets. Black cats are especially susceptible to Halloween cruelty.

4. Halloween decor: Would you like to know what happened to the adorable black lab who munched down on a pumpkin last year? It only took a quick Google search to find out that pumpkins are a great laxative before we were counting down to explosion...

5. Most animals go crazy for the doorbell and even crazier for strangers. Keep them in a safe place where the noise of the night won't bother them and they can't get to the Trick-or-Treaters. Remember, not everyone loves animals as much as you do!

Halloween Pet Dangers
Trick, Treat or Trouble: Halloween Dangers for our Pets

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