Tried & True: Quick Relief Neem Flea Shampoo

Tried & True: Quick Relief Neem Flea Shampoo

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 19, 2010

Name: Nature's Specialties Quick Relief Neem Shampoo
Price: Starting at $16.40
Rating: Strong Recommend
Two weeks ago my husband and I moved just over 1 mile across the state line from Missouri to Kansas and have become first time homeowners in a fun new neighborhood. Everyone's been so warm and open, it's been a refreshing change from our past, cold and stand-offish condo/loft experience... that is, until they gave us fleas!

Everything about our new neighborhood is fantastic, the food, the friends, the views of the Kansas City skyline, it's all great — but their fleas are not!

By the time we saw the little problem causers in the mass proportions that we did, we knew it was too late for the small little tricks like leaving a light on over a bowl of soapy water, or rubbing the dogs down with vinegar. We quickly turned to more prompt and eco-friendly measures to ensure removal went smoothly and our pets were provided the most relief they possibly could be!

This product was suggested by our favorite natural pet store and came with rave reviews. It contains Neem which is used quite often in organic pest control. The application process was simple: mix indicated amount of soap with water and lather on. Wait 5 minutes and then repeat the process. The smell is rather unique and quite intoxicating (not off-putting at all), but the best part is, the second it hits a flea, they fall dead where they lay and into the bathtub below. Each one feels like a small victory that deserves a parade of some sort.

This product doesn't come with some of the typical warnings found on Flea and Tick shampoos you might find at your local big box retailer. There's nothing about washing hands before eating or rinsing before the pesticides burn your pet's skin. After the first lather our pets looked truly relieved for the first time in a week and spent the next several hours napping happy as clams dogs without fleas!

The rest of the home was treated with food grade diatomaceous earth, inside and out, but we're glad Nature's Specialties makes this Quick Relief Shampoo as it worked exactly as implied and provided our pets the relief they so desperately needed! It would also work great to give your four legged friend a rub down with after a long hike or exposure to humid buggy conditions for an extended period of time. You can pick up your own bottle for $16.40 if a store near you doesn't carry it.
More Nature's Specialties products can be found here.

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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