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This just in. This takes blogs and child raising to new heights. The Trixie Update is a weblog by two parents who have used a computer program to measure all of their daughter Trixie’s bodily functions (sleep, milk, diapers) since she was born over a year ago.

Sara A. passes it along and says:

They originally developed the program as a way for Trixie’s working mom to check in on her daily progress. They have great great feature articles on milk, her growth etc. complete with colorful graphs and analysis. They’re working on releasing the program for others to use so check back or contact them. One of the best sites on the web, and the best baby site I have ever seen.

The most recent entry is on Trixie’s new potty thats got “a light-sensor built into the seat that chimes when ‘something’ passes in front of it.” (Thanks, Sara!) MGR