Before and After: This Living Room Coat Closet is a Total Surprise Inside

published Jan 21, 2019
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(Image credit: House of Hipsters)

This coat closet is great! It’s clean and all the finishes are in good shape. It’s roomy. It exists! But its owner knew it could be so much more: a delightful surprise for guests when it’s time to hang up and retrieve their coats.

(Image credit: House of Hipsters)

Absolutely fabulous. Any guest should be honored and a wee bit envious that their coats get to spend a few hours in this tropical wonderland. It is truly a jewel box, and one has to wonder if Kyla of House of Hipsters, who created this confection of a closet, is ever tempted to take out all the coats, throw in a big cushion, and read the day away surrounded by feathered friends.

As if the decision to wallpaper a closet in amazing fashion wasn’t enough, Kyla managed to pair the wallpaper with a rug that coordinates perfectly without matching. The combination of the two is delicious, and the advanced-level pattern mixing makes one inspired to see the rest of the house.

In this photo, it’s possible to see how well the wallpaper fits into the decor. The gold goes perfectly with over-the-top coral, and the ceiling light has a bit of a Palms Springs flavor to it. The fact that all of the walls in sight are white makes the colorful closet even more of a fun surprise.

(Image credit: House of Hipsters)

The glorious Crane Fonda wallpaper by Divine Savages is available in emerald and blue as well as this wonderful pink. In an understated but crucial move, Kyla painted the rod super-glossy black and added black hangers and baskets to corral hats, gloves, scarves, dog-walking essentials, and so on. The black paint doesn’t overwhelm the wallpaper, but rather accents it perfectly and simply.

Wallpapering a closet is, as Kyla points out in her post (along with helpful tips), a bit challenging due to the small space and nonstop corners. However, for anyone dying to attempt wallpapering for the first time, a closet might be the perfect spot to start.

(Image credit: House of Hipsters)

This glimpse of the living room further demonstrates how well this closet works in this home. Not only is there more white paint and gold in the living room, there’s an actual palm tree. Kyla mentioned searching for a doorknob for this closet that’s “a bit extra,” which will be the perfect finishing touch.

Thank you, Kyla of House of Hipsters!