Trouble Sleeping? Improve Your Health with Wakemate

Trouble Sleeping? Improve Your Health with Wakemate

Mike Tyson
Dec 10, 2010

We don't know about you but mornings are often times the roughest part of our day. You're violently awoken from a peaceful slumber to the incessant nagging of a blaring alarm. And the morning doesn't get much easier than that when you're dealing with the frigid winter weather or a grumpy coworker. Seriously, who invented mornings? Anyway, while we try and find that person's number, we've discovered a brand new app/product which is promising to not only wake us up efficiently, but will provide a better night's sleep as well. Naturally, we're fascinated.

The app, which works on several mobile devices, is called Wakemate. It comes packaged with a handsome wristband that you wear while you sleep.) The system operates using "the scientifically proven method of Actigraphy" which measures your body movements on a scale of peaks and dips over the course of the night. It senses the ideal time to ease your body out of sleep, and alerts the phone when it comes close to your wake time. This helps ensure a less startled awakening and helps you feel more alert and refreshed. Additionally, it has been proven that this "natural" awakening method will help you remember your dreams more clearly incase you are constantly forgetting them mid-story with an attentive and now frustrated coworker!

The second side of this coin, which is incredible for us data-nerds, is that Wakemate is actually tracking and archiving your entire night's sleep. The information is transmitted to the Wakelytics system which is a comprehensive data analysis tool that helps you compare your nights sleep, down to the minute, with your entire lifetime of sleep. You can even categorize your sleep by what you did that day to see how your activities influence your sleep cycle.

Unfortunately, the product is not yet available for the holidays but it is going into production shortly. Their website also has a detailed FAQ to answer the many expected questions.

This certainly is a piece of promising technology. Although wearing the wristband could get annoying, we would be very interested to see if this idea of optimum wake time would actually improve our sleep/day. Additionally, tracking your sleep could become a fun habit which might help encourage people to get the proper amount they need. What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself using?

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