This Truck Bed “Glamping” Tent Expands From a Single Box

published Jun 3, 2021
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Blanket, pillows, and lanterns inside tent
Credit: Banana Drive

Forget RVs and tow-along trailers. Banana Drive, a design studio out of Japan, has designed the ultimate truck bed tent that comes completely encapsulated in a wooden box. They call it the “Glamping” tent because it has all the amenities one could need while out in nature and is as pretty to look at as it is functional.

Banana Drive’s Glamping tent is a low, lightweight, crank-out camper that can be installed in a small one-ton truck. While on the road, the tent remains folded up inside the sturdy wooden box in the bed, but then campers can easily crank out the system when they reach their destination, revealing a huge sleeping space that expands out over the truck cab.

The Glamping tent comes with removable storage boxes that contain a stove and sink unit, and the fabric tent cover is durable yet transparent enough to let in natural light. The entire system is also outfitting with insulation and made with waterproof finishes to keep the inside warm and dry.

As of right now, the Glamping tent is a one-of-one deal. But Banana Drive launched a crowd-funding campaign with a target of 2,000,000 yen (which equals around $16,000) so the team can purchase a Kei truck (a popular truck model in Japan) and improve the tent in the hopes of potentially making Glamping units more publicly available.

You can learn more about the Glamping unit and more design projects from Banana Drive over on the team’s website, and check out their crowdsourcing campaign in the process. Hopefully the Glamping unit becomes popular because it would truly change the camping game forever. For now, the standard truck bed tents will have to do.