Just Because: Flowers in Unexpected Places

Just Because: Flowers in Unexpected Places

Abby Stone
Nov 28, 2011

Most of the ideas we post at Apartment Therapy are practical, useful, and pertinent. But home is not just a place where things are ordered; it's also the place where your imagination runs wild, where you have permission to do exactly as you please and where you let your creative spirit loose. In that spirit, we encourage you to do some things in your home for no other reason than because they bring you joy. Consider flowers in unexpected places, for instance.

The kitchen table, the dining table, even the nightstand. These are all places we expect to see flowers displayed. Why not consider displaying a few in unexpected places. Just for you, to stumble upon during your day.

Inside your cabinets: Since I removed the doors from my kitchen cabinets, I've been much more conscious of how my shelves look. There are stacks of dishes, yes, and rows of glasses, but there are also postcards and framed pictures stuck in amongst the pottery. And empty vases. No longer! A few cuttings from the garden now fill those barren vessels. But, even if your cabinets have doors, a flower or two tucked into a jar can give you cause to smile when you're hurriedly pulling things from pantry for dinner.
Hang a flower in your shower: A blossom with a droopy head usually ends up in the garbage. Before you toss it, consider hanging it upside down in your shower. If it's a fragrant bloom, the smell will be magnified by the shower's steam. If not, it'll just brighten up your morning.
In your car: For a while, VW Bugs came with a vase. I don't know if they still do, but why not appropriate the idea for your own car? A small vase suctioned to a window with a small bloom may be completely impractical. All the more reason to do it.
At the front door: Even if you don't have a grand entryway, a little posey by the front door is a nice parting memory when you leave and a nice greeting for when you come in.
By the sink: Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, place flowers here to contemplate while you do the dishes, wash your hands or brush your teeth.

Image: Abby Stone

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