Make Better Soda Bombs

Make Better Soda Bombs

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 10, 2012

070812-sodabomb.jpg Summer is in full swing and although the sun is scorching, getting the kids outside each day is a necessity. Making cola bombs is not only educational but a tremendous amount of fun. The process can be tricky for small fingers and short legs, but check out this simple trick that keeps the cola in the sky where it belongs!

If you've ever made a soda bomb using Mentos candy, you know that you have only a second or two to run away before the soda explodes like a volcano. There's little chance of getting more than one candy inside the bottle and even though the results are cool, they aren't as cool as these by Jules of Pancakes and French Fries.

She devised a clever method of dropping multiple Mentos into the bottle at the same time using Scotch tape. Her method gives her boys more time to run and her photos can't express their excitement any more!

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(Image: Pancakes and French Fries)

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