Save Money with a One Month Crash Utilities Diet

Save Money with a One Month Crash Utilities Diet

Taryn Williford
Sep 16, 2010

My boyfriend will be turning 30 years old this February. That means two things: We should stock up on Just For Men (zing!) and I need to start saving up to throw him a blowout bash. I've been trimming my budget and rounding up some yard sale stock, but I'm entertaining another idea: A crash utilities diet. It's not about trimming down the bill long-term, but instead taking some drastic measures to ensure a single plentiful month.

I need to put away a bit more money than usual, but my thin budget doesn't want to budge any more. What's a girl to do? Crash diet, that's what!

But instead of needing to lose pounds fast, I need to make money fast. This December, I'm going on a utilities diet and here's my plan:

Go without heat.

Well, almost. Most people save money on utilities in the Goldilocks-perfect weather of autumn, but I want to roll that savings on through the winter time.

My plan is to set the thermostat at something way colder than I'm used to, but which I could still stand to live in. With the thermostat set at 55 degrees (that's in Fahrenheit, y'all), I'll bundle up with plenty of socks and blankets through the cold nights.

What do you think? Am I crazy? Would you ever go on a no-heat diet? What about an unplug-everything-and-stay-in-the-dark diet? Tell us in the comments!

(Images: The Daily Green, Slipper Socks for Men)


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