Try This: Use Google Voice To Find Your Cell

Try This: Use Google Voice To Find Your Cell

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 2, 2010

So I have this problem. I am the worst about setting down my phone and forgetting where I last left it. To be honest, I blame women's pants. They have stupid pockets that aren't actually meant to hold a thing! Aside from a tube of lipgloss you're sort of out of luck.

I resort to toting my phone from room to room by hand. Usually once a day I space and forget where I set it down last, but being home alone and without a land line — how do you find it again?

With Google Voice of course! Now we don't plan on using Google Voice for actual phone calling (we admit that we don't skype, web chat or anything of the sort and our computer doesn't even have a microphone on it!), but we have used it several times already to locate our cell phone.

Since you don't actually need to hear someone on the other end and your only goal is to make your phone ring , then you're all set. All you do is use the keypad and press call. The few seconds delay between the calling from Google to the time your phone starts ringing is enough for you to dash out of the office and wait to listen for it.

In the past we've been known to email people and ask them to call our phones, but that happening is totally dependent upon their schedule, not our own. From now one, we're dedicated Google voice phone finders, especially since it's free!

Image: Google

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